22 Jun 2011

Legal Transcription

Why outsource to Philippine vendors?


Philippine transcribers have an edge in  transforming the spoken word to  written word.  They can deliver accurate transcripts within reasonable turn around times.


English Language proficiency is the reason behind  their speed and accuracy.


The Philippines is cited as the third largest English speaking nation in the world.   


It is quite common to hear people speaking  fluent English in malls, metro trains and other public places.  There are English language newspapers, tv  and radio programs.  English is the language used  in Philippine schools  as well as  in government offices.


In courts, proceedings are conducted in English and non English-speaking litigants and witnesses are provided with official court translators.   Law and jurisprudence are written in English.  


Constant exposure to Western movies, music, magazines enables Filipinos to  understand idioms and to recognize accents.


Aside from accuracy and speed, Philippine transcribers provide quality services at  competitive rates. 


All things considered,   outsourcing legal transcription jobs to Philippine vendors can be summed up in  a few words:   a good deal.



Lexcribe, Inc. is a general and legal transcription company that offers quality transcription services for reasonable rates.

For more information, visit www. lexcribe.com.

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